Peer Support

Please note that all referrals to Regeneration Community Services must be submitted through the AccessPoint. The form can be accessed either online ( or by downloading the hard copy.

Peer Support Program

A Peer Support Worker approaches with compassion the emotional circumstances surrounding recovery, from travelling a similar path, and tries to instill a sense of hope. Emphasizing the recovery model, the client is given the option to decide if and to what level they wish to engage with the worker. Peer Support sessions can range anywhere from saying a few words in passing, to sitting down and talking, to organizing outings and activities geared toward the specific interests of the clients. There is a confidence and connectedness in Peer Support that is not necessarily a part of other supportive relationships. Peer relationships are based on an understanding that the purpose of the role is to embark on a mutual learning experience.
The Peer Support program works in partnership with The Four Villages Community Health Centre to provide life skills groups to our members and community. Members also have benefitted from fitness and nutrition groups. This program is a leader in promoting member engagement, and aids and strengthens our members on their journey to recovery through:
• One-to-one support;
• Social activities and group outings;
• Wellness and recovery groups including WRAP and Pathways to Recovery.

The Peer Support program is a leader in promoting member engagement, and strengthens our members as we partner with them on their journey to recovery.

Referral Process:
Contact the Program Director, Maureen Walsh, at (416) 703 – 9645 x224 or by email at

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