Addictions Supportive Housing

Please note that all referrals to Regeneration Community Services must be submitted through the AccessPoint. The form can be accessed either online ( or by downloading the hard copy.


In partnership with Breakaway Addiction Services and the Toronto Community Addiction Team (TCAT), the program provides supportive housing and case management to individuals who meet the SHPPSU (Supportive Housing for People with Problematic Substance Use) criteria as defined by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TCLHIN). The program uses a housing-first, harm reduction model, and provides 80 subsidized housing units (independent living in one-bedroom or bachelor apartments) throughout Toronto.

Regeneration Community Services signs head lease arrangements with private landlords and rents these apartments to clients. Two locations are clustered location, meaning that RCS rents all units or the majority of units in the apartment building, and have on-site client common spaces for programing and other activities. The remaining units are scattered units located in numerous apartment buildings throughout Toronto – in this case, both housing support workers and case managers interact with members either at their apartments or out in the community.

Services Offered:

  • Case management provided by TCAT & Breakaway Addiction Services;
  • Housing support services provided by RCS staff;
  • Promotes safe living environments (i.e. harm reduction supplies);
  • Connects members to outside resources through referrals and/or community engagement (including food banks, support groups, and other community supports); and
  • Assistance and guidance with daily living skills.

The Art Manuel House

Art Manuel House provides shared housing accommodations for 10 people – three women and seven men. The ten individual rooms are located in a renovated bungalow in a residential neighbourhood. The women’s bedroom area has a separate entrance and bathroom. The house has two furnished common spaces with TV’s and telephones. Tenants share the kitchen and bathroom areas, and two outside back and front patios. Residents of the Art Manuel House participate in grocery shopping, cooking, and chores.

The Managed Alcohol Program (MAP) is a harm reduction program for a specific cohort of people whose severe alcohol addiction affects various areas of their life, often making them unable to maintain housing and relationships, obtain proper medical care, and access community resources. They also often engage in non-palatable substance consumption, which brings debilitating effects to their health. MAP is intended to bring comfort, stability and quality to tenant’s lives.

Art Manuel House is offers high-support housing for people with chronic alcoholism disorder. The program has several components, including onsite case management and medical services.

Art Manuel House program has a dedicated case manager through RCS’s partnership with St. Stephen’s Community House’s Toronto Community Addiction Team (TCAT). The case manager coordinates the trustee program for the tenants and provides ongoing support and participation in all program components as part of the team. Additionally, resident at the Art Manuel House have 24-hour access to residential support workers, who provide assistance with program components and basic operation of the residence.

Once a week, a medical addictions specialist visits the site to do a physical follow up with the tenants, and to consult the Managed Alcohol Program (MAP). The rest of the time, a doctor is available on an on-call basis, to provided support with any tenant medical or MAP related questions or concerns.


Details for admissions requirements are available on The Access Point website ( or by calling (416) 640-1934.

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